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My favourite brands: & Other Stories

& Other Stories has to be my favourite brand of this year (so far!!). 
The high end big sister of the H&M group and relative newcomer to the high street, designs collections which have amazing attention to detail, beautiful fabrics, patterns and quality. This is a brand that will work for everyone.
Ok it's a little bit pricier than H&M - and when I say a little, I mean A LOT! Skirts for £65, dresses from £70 - you what what!!! But here's the key....price per wear it's going to come down to pennies. I assure you husband....these are investment pieces. Even the pineapple print maxi skirt!
Having been to their flagship store on Regents Street I have seen girls in their 20s picking up the same dress or skirt as an elegant fashion forward lady in her 60s. It's about creating your own stories - see what I did there! - through key pieces. 
Here's my purchases to date and you will see what I mean!
Black silk maxi dress - still available here

Pineapple print crepe ma…

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