A cure for shoes that bite!

Have you ever bought a beautiful pair of boots or shoes only to find that they hurt like nothing else on earth?? The number of beautiful pairs that have been consigned to the charity shop pile or eBay is phenomenal.

Much to my disappointment I thought that my beautiful new H by Hudson ankle boots would be heading for the same fate.....until a genius solution came to me via my mum!

Punch Stretch Leather Care Spray  

God knows and who cares how it works..... I sprayed it into my cheeky, pinching boots and this is the key - you have to wear them straight away! Fear not of blisters, aches and pains - within a very short time of wearing them, the boots felt looser. I resprayed again a couple of days later just to be sure and they are now bliss to wear!!

Low and behold a genius product that I had to share!

And now I can shout about my beautiful new boots too. Here they are in all their glory! H by Hudson Triad Boots....and I hate to tell you this (!) but I got them on sale over Christmas for a mere £55 from John Lewis. No longer available here unfortunately.

That I bought them at Christmas and have only just managed to wear them is a very sorry tale - says more about the number of pairs of boots I own than anything I fear!


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