Budget nail pick-me-up

Yes, you heard right....BUDGET! 

My nails were in need of a pick-me-up after a few weeks of gel nails. Whilst I wish I could have gel nails all the time (they make my spoon-like fingernails look infinitely better!), I struggle to make this a consistent part of my beauty routine, both from a time and financial perspective!

So I was on the look out for a cheap and cheerful way of reviving them! Coupled with my nightly 'Michael Jackson gloves'  (more on that later!) I think I have found a lovely way of creating natural, low maintenance nails using products that actually nourishes and improves them.

So, introducing a new range by Barry M. 

Barry M is a bargain brand that I have always enjoyed as a fun, budget make-up brand - think glittery eyeshadows and the like...but its growing up and I am beginning to rate more and more!  They have just launched a new nail care range of four products, costing just £3.99 each (they are on offer in Superdrug and Boots at the moment though!)

The Super Mani 7-in-1 Treatment is a twice weekly basecoat and treatment product which offers 7 benefits, hydrating and protecting enamel for healthy nourished nails:

  • Encourages Growth
  • Strengthens with Keratin
  • Nourished with Argan Oil
  • Promotes Shine
  • Hydrates with Vitamin E
  • Smoothes the nail surface
  • Protects from breakage

Over the top I added the Bashful Pink Mani Mask – its semi matte and gave my nails the perfect finish.

I love that my nails look ‘naturally done’ but gives them a breather from the gels and normal polish. Even better that it takes seconds to dry so no smudges, which is a pretty standard occurrence when I try a DIY mani!

I have heard some great reviews about all of the Barry M nail polishes so will be trying these out when my nails feel ready - and I have the time!!

So back to the Michael Jackson gloves......every night, I slather on any old hand cream and then pop some of these Avon moisturising gloves on.....waking up in the morning with baby soft hands. I am quite hard on my hands in my daily routine, always forgetting hand cream during the day, never wear rubber gloves and am generally washing my hands every five minutes when I am with the kids.....so this little overnight luxury helps me no end! 

Although not sure my husband is a fan.....and on the occasions when I add the 'Sleep-in' rollers into the mix (another post to come soon!) he does complain about having to share a bed with Nora Batty combined with the King of Pop! Nice......

#coatoftheday Bargain alert....Topshop leopard print coat, usually £80, bought for £25 via salihughesbeauty.com forum. One woman's throw out is another's treasure!


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