Exercising at home - oh, the glamour!

Clearly I am being sarcastic! But I have found a way of exercising at home that I seem to be able to maintain. I wanted to share this - not only to show how you can get into a nice little routine at home, but equally to talk about it enough so I never forget to keep doing it!!

So, lately training at a gym or with my personal trainer has become a bit harder to fit in - with my family, a busy job and social life, I was becoming more lax about my exercising. But I find exercising on my own incredibly dull - so the question was, if I can't get out to a gym, how do I motivate myself to train in the comfort of my own home?

And then I had a brain wave.....what if I could train at home, not on my own, but with Mr OTC  - getting a workout but also spending some quality time together (that is not watching TV or eating a quick dinner). And its not as if I don't have the kit ready and waiting. Over the years we have collected an array of exercise equipment in our garage. Whilst it doesn't necessarily make for a glamourous venue, also being the home of our ageing cat; despite the faint aroma of whiskas cat food and the litter tray on show, that aside, its a fantastic set up and ready to be used!

Mr OTC and I decided on training 3 times a week for 40 minutes - in the evenings after settling the kids down for the night. We tried an hour on the first session and whilst it was do-able, it did mean we were eating quite late, so a 40 minute session meant we could get the workout done, eat our dinner (which is in the oven or slow cooker (get me!!) as we train) and still get a bit of an evening to relax and chat (who am I kidding.....to watch Scandal, The Blacklist, Elementary, Madam Secretary or whatever else is waiting for us on our Sky+ box!).

So in our home gym we have:

Crosstrainer - a recent new purchase by the husband - so no idea where it came from...its not a high spec cross trainer by any means but it does the job - if a little squeaky!! 
Peak Fitness (TRX) suspension trainer - so the real deal is £200 so I researched and found this one by Peak Fitness. I have tried both and can't see a difference between the two - save your pennies with this one at £54.99.
Free weights and bars - a collection of mismatched weights bought off ebay and other random purchases!
Punch bag - clearly this was bought by Mr OTC, and has stood unused for a little while!! With my new punch bag mitts (not arrived yet but these are the ones!) I am ready to get to know this man a bit better!!

I am trying to mix it up across the 3 sessions, with 20 minutes of crosstrainer, mixed up with TRX (for arms, legs and core) and some free weights (squats, deadlifts). I have just purchased some punch bag boxing mitts so am really looking forward to taking out the frustrations of the day on this.

So is it working? Well, I feel good and definitely more toned, I am spending more time with my husband (albeit he likes to try and wear his headphones and listen to music - NO NO NO!) and I feel more motivated. I look forward to our sessions and feel a real sense of achievement when I have finished. And at a time in our life when, with two careers and children to think about, we are sometimes too busy to make time for ourselves, it is even more precious. I'm just pleased I'm keeping at it.......nb: this is only week 3!

Bikini body here I come! Oh, and speaking of which, I have just bought this bikini to get me excited about the summer - its in the sale on Figleaves. I  always buy my swimwear out of season as there are some great deals to be had. I have a few Pour Moi bikinis and they are a lovely fit - as well as doing good things for big boobs! I love the longline bikini top but couldn't quite bring myself to buy the 1950s bottoms so went for the tie side bottoms instead!


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