Back to our teens - Body Shop Beauties!

Memories of the Body Shop conjures up images of my early teens as a walking, talking jumble of Body Butter and White Musk - or the now discontinued, Dewberry perfume!

I haven't stepped foot in a store for years but having read on many a blog that there are some new amazing products that rival the more high end brands, my ears pricked up and I delved in!

First the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, for anyone who loves a hot cloth cleanse - or not - is a brilliant product that no matter how much make up I trowel on, including waterproof mascara, always manages to get every ounce of make up off my face leaving it wonderfully soft. And whilst you would expect an oil to leave a residue or be greasy, it isn't at all. Now I've tried a few cleansing creams, oils and balms, from Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish (which is well renowned and totally brilliant) to Emma Hardie's cleansing balm and Clinique's Take the day off oil. All are great at the job, and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase any of these again, but at more than half the price of some of these (significantly more for the Emma Hardie Balm), the Body Shop alternative is a real penny saver!

And if you use the Body Shop's pretty regular 3 for 2 offers or 30-40% discount codes (available here), it becomes even if its 3 for 2, what else should we buy!!??

Still on skin care, the Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask, is a cream that you apply at bed time and literally wake up the next day with baby soft skin. You only need a small amount so it lasts ages and the smell is divine - almost sleep inducing in itself. I will continue buying this forever!

The make up range has come a long way since the beige lip pencils of the 1990's. As part of the 3 for 2 purchases recently, I bought the Lightening Touch concealer pen, similar in packaging and texture to the YSL Touche Eclat. Its light-diffusing so hides dark circles and fine lines without feeling like its caked on. I love the consistency and the coverage, and at half the price of its more famous counterpart, its a good buy!

Of worthy note before I sign off, one product I have used time and time again is the Lip Line Fixer. Now I don't wear bright red lipstick that much, but when I do, I reach for this. Its creates an invisible barrier that stops the lipstick from 'bleeding', and its great because it means you don't have to seek out that perfect lip liner match for every lipstick you own - it goes on clear.....genius!

So its safe to say that the Body Shop is back on my shopping stomping ground. I have graduated from the sickly smelling body butters and floral perfumes, but for great skin care and make up, its a keeper!

My #coatoftheday is one I am desperate to own - its from Asos and is by a lovely brand called Weekday - not for this season, I hasten to add, but ready for the autumn/winter 2016 - is that a bit too organised I wonder??

And please could I have a middriff like that!


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