Back to Mac - so who wants a free lipstick?

Who wants a free lipstick??

Well, not quite - it's more a case of speculating to accumulate!

It's a little know fact that Mac has a fantastic recycling policy. If you return 6 empties to any Mac counter, you get a free lipstick in return.

I keep a little bag of empties under my dressing table - imagine my delight when I found I had 6!


Ok -  as my husband would point out, you do have to get through 6 products first.....and Mac is a premium beauty brand so a few pounds need to be 'invested' before you collect your freebie. And its safe to say its more of a make up lovers brand - with limited edition lines curated by the likes of Rhianna, Lady Gaga and most recently Miley Cyrus, it's not really a brand that does 'barely-there!' 

This is the third time I have 'recycled' my Mac make up - there was a time when I was regularly getting through an Eyebrow pencil once a month - which was great for the freebies but not really great value for money! 

So it taken a while this time but is such a lovely treat to look forward to - and did I mention it's free! Seeing as my favourite ever lippie is Mac Angel (below)...I get even more excited! Remember my tip about Mac Angel and Nars Turkish Delight combo - love it!!

So taking a look at the products I have used up clearly points to a lipstick problem! 3 of these are Mac Angel (surprise!!) and the other is Peach Blossom (below) - very subtle apricot pink shade - and yes, its not lost on me that its a tad similar to beloved Angel. 

The lustre drops will be repurchased but I will wait for the summer to add to my all over glow. The blusher is one of my all time favourites....creamy texture, not quite a pink as the remnants of the pot would suggest (and the name....bright fuchsia pink!),  again it will be repurchased but not quite yet as I have rather a few go-to blushers at the moment! 

My trip home from work on Tuesday is sure to include a visit to St Pancras' Mac counter - can't wait!! 

So whilst I am there (and if I wasn't saving up for our summer holiday) what else would I pick up? Here is my lowdown on the top 5 Mac products (excluding Mac Angel as I have been banging on about it waaaaaay too much!)


A favourite of Tanya Burr, I regularly look at this - but then remember all the other highlighters I own!

Apparently its the perfect coral red. When I am a grown up and stop wanting pink shiny lipsticks I will buy this!

I have this already but will repurchase when finished (although it seems to last forever!). A great base or easy to wear alone for just a wash of clean colour.

Again, I already have this but could do with another one - seriously! Its the best blending brush I have ever known. I always wondered how to do a really good smokey eye - whilst I am sure technique is important, for me its all about the tool you use! So.....the other way round from what we have always been told right!? 

And on that note, I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day - the M&S meal for 2 has been purchased, the Prosecco is chilling and I am looking forward to spending the evening snuggled up to Mr OTC! Here's the card he received this year - sums it all up really!


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