I don't know how does she (she being me, M&S and Alexa Chung) does it?

You know that 2011 film starring Sarah Jessica Parker, based on Kate Reddy's book about a woman whose life is spent nursing a nagging guilt along with the sometimes near-impossible demands of everyday life - that story is resonating with me today; especially as I am at work this week whilst the hubby and kids head to the west country to visit family. Whilst on the plus side I can watch back to back episodes of Grey's Anatomy, it does feel rather quiet at home alone.

Fear not, this is not a post to lament how easy life would be if I didn't work or pat myself on the head and say well done me for just about fitting it all in and still remaining sane. Its a collective 'GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER' and 'WELL DONE' to us all for getting through the day, keeping our jobs, families and to do lists on the straight and narrow - we did it, if only to pick it up again tomorrow.

Whether you are single or in a couple, focused on your career and/or growing family, a working or stay-at-home parent or a grandparent, life is one long juggling act of emotions, activities riddled with 'I wish I could do that' or 'I wish I didn't have to do that'  - or usually a combination of the two, winding up in an emotional rollercoaster that is life.

When I started this blog, I had visions of a twice weekly blog post, speaking to a growing audience of like-minded women (and men!) - and yet I am down to just once a month. And that's ok. I enjoy sharing myself this way - its a fun outlet, if only to taunt my husband with all the 'tat' I purchase!


So with that in mind I wanted to get that rant out of the way, and point you in the direction, on this wet and windy June day (WTF!!) of a new found love of mine, its only Marks and bloody Spencer!

Of late they have been taunting me with emails of discounts and BOGOFs so I have been scouring the site for something I want.......it gets like that on some days. And it was on one of these search expeditions that I found the holy grail of the latest fashion love, CULOTTES! Yes, Simon and Trevor, swing your pants.....

The Archive by Alexa Chung range is a beauty and whilst  I hasten to add that the rest of the range is not really my cup of tea, these are by far my most amazing wardrobe item of 2016 (BOLD STATEMENT BY ME!). When you buy something you need to picture yourself wearing in at least 5 ways - otherwise it becomes that lovely item of clothing that goes with nothing! These trousers literally go with everything:

Dress up for work - tick

Dress up for night out on the town  - tick (sorry about the pout!)

Dress down for school run - tiiiiiiick (skipping to school, that's me!)

Dress for......anything you want! Summer, winter, rain or shine.....they really work!


So....in conclusion for the most random blog post yet, I do know how I do it....my beautiful babies, my supportive family and friends (particular nod to husband who keeps me on the straight and narrow unless there is Cointreau involved), my incredibly rewarding job, my (extreme at times) social life and all the other activities and enjoyments that make me the person I am ie. fashion, make up, food, fine or indeed rubbish wines, gin (my new fave tipple!) and did I say make up!!

But I tell you what, these culottes make me an even better version of myself.....ok, now I am joking....but seriously if you feel good, you can do just about anything (except make it sunny it seems!).


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