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What blogs do I love?

So if you are reading this you are either a trusted friend or family member or you love beauty and fashion blogs. 

If you are the latter I may be preaching to the converted (but you never know!) but if you are the former, you may be interested in finding out more about my inspiration for writing this blog as well as building up the portfolio of blogs you follow - although I hasten to add it can be bad for the bank balance!!

I have spent a lifetime, including two maternity leaves with relatively well behaved children (this basically meant I had a lot of time on my hands for shopping and Internet browsing!), so have built up a list of a few blogs I love - some I turn to for fashion and beauty advice, some are just fun, others I feel/wish I was them - Ruth Crilly for her effervescent personality, Rosie aka The Londoner for her lifestyle and Karen from Where Did You Get That for her unbelievable effortless style!

They may not all be up your street - like I said, its my little black book of go-to blogs.....some are far from realistic in terms of the products they talk about but inspiring nonetheless. And for me all are 
influential and inspiring women from a wide range of backgrounds and points of view.

Ruth Crilly is a 30-something model who has been blogging for a while. You may recognise her from a series of Britain's Next Top Model many moons ago - but she also a law graduate and a hugely intelligent woman who is both approachable and inspirational in the same breath. In her vlogs (video blogs!) she is light hearted and fun, incredibly beautiful but always real. Her blog covers everything from skin care, beauty, fashion, gifts and is a joy to watch and read. For those with young children, her baby blog The Uphill, is also worth a look. She may be a model, but still reaches for her maternity jeans a few months down the line - love that she champions real women, whilst being drop dead gorgeous!

A bit of a find, this one! Karen is a Londoner who lives in New York. I stumbled on this when I was researching a trip to the big apple....her fashion inspiration cost me a pretty penny thats for sure. She is a huge fan of vintage but mixes it up with high street (she loves topshop and ASOS) as well as some high end US and UK brands. Best bit for me is her 'I had to ask' section in which she seems to wander the streets of NY spotting stylish and interesting people and asking 'I had to ask...Where did you get that?' - there are a few odd/brave looks in there but others are truly amazing!

Less of a blog, this is a website full of articles and videos and a hugely popular forum curated by The Guardian's beauty editor Sali Hughes. I have followed her for a few years and love her ability to explain how empowering makeup, skincare can be - yes, seriously! And her 'In the bathroom' series with her select group of celeb friends are great!

Having done a bit of research on Rosie aka The Londoner, its fair to say she lives a charmed life. She also seems to get trolled quite a bit by people who a) don't like this fact or b) think she's a bit of a dick as a result! I have to say I like her posts. She wears beautiful clothes, goes to exotic holiday destinations and gets invited to fashion shows all the time - if you take it all with a lorry load of salt you will probably enjoy this!

Kat is a mum in her early forties who LOVES fashion possibly more than I do. She certainly has a bigger budget to play with! Again some things are way out of my league but I like how she focuses on one item - be in Chelsea boots, bags or chunky knitwear - and runs through her shopping suggestions, a mix of high and mid end (never Primarni or much High St to be honest!). She always posts a pic of her outfit at the end and she has a lovely wardrobe...I would love to start doing this not least as it would encourage me to always make sure I put my best fashion foot forward.....but a nearly full time job, two young children and a long commute put paid to this for the this space!

So there you have blogging inspiration. Special mentions must also go to Hello October, Lily Pebbles and the wonderful Tanya Burr, but I have to shopping to do! ;)

#Coatoftheday: Talking of sales, here is  bit of coat porn today - if I could ever afford!!


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