Five products - five minute make up

Can a self confessed make up junkie get ready in five minutes using just five products? 

You know I think the time allowance is just fine - the five products however............yikes!

So the five products of choice are:

Genius product that gets more use from me in the summer months but its a beautiful go-to tinted moisturiser that adds a bit of vavavoom to your face! Its not for everyone - some complain that its a little orange so worth a test first. I am a convert....

Now - to conceal or not to conceal. I'm 37 years old - sh*t of course I have to bl**dy well conceal....don't want those dark circles even on a low maintenance day!

I used Loreal True Match concealer in Fair/Light. Its easy to blend and light weight so great for a low effort day - as you can see from the photo at the end of this post, I put it everywhere there is a blemish.....hmmmm

Benefit Fine-One-One blush stick
I love playing around with blushers but if time is of the essence, this does it all in one swipe of the magic stick. No brush required, easy to blend and great for use on the go, its actually really moisturising and on top of the Origins Vitazing, gives a lovely fresh glow that would never suggest it took a matter of seconds to create!

Laura Mercier Long Black Lash Mascara (tester)
This, like concealer is NOT a choice, its a must to open up my eyes so I look vaguely human! I had a tester for this mascara so been trying it out. I have never really been one to spend huge amounts on mascara - so basically I should not have tried this. LOVE IT....

Eyebrows or lips! Eyebrows or lips! Eyebrows or lips! Eyebrows or lips! Eyebrows or lips! 
Why didn't I say six products?????  

Ooooh is a multi tasking secret, drum roll please. The Benefit blush stick can actually be used as a lippie! But it wasn't exactly what I fancied colour wise today....and my lighter brows seem to fit the daytime I went for an all time favourite, my Kiko Kiss Balm in Cherry. Last time I was in Italy, I stocked up of about four of these because I love it so much. Its a great balm, has really good colour pay off and lasts for ages. And its soooooo cheap!

So hope you like the four pics showing the transition. I am still trying to get the lighting for each pic right so I get that the first with no makeup looks a bit worse than maybe it could do (maybe!!) but I think this shows that with just five products and five minutes of peace and quiet (some hope!) you can make yourself look more human and feel more ready to face the world!

#coatoftheday....its the coat I wore today and this has to be my favourite casual coat of all time. Always gets comments, some good, some asking whether I enjoyed the pheasant shoot - cheeky sods! I won't tell you I am sad I can't find the link to it (its mine and only mine!!)....bought a couple of years ago so maybe no longer around.


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