Welcome and delving into the unknown!

First and foremost, welcome to OneThousandCoats.

If you've found me, its either because you are a family member or friend - or maybe, just maybe, you have managed to find me in the blogosphere and are genuinely intrigued......thats not to say my family and friends are not, I am sure you are Mum!

So a bit about me....I'm Ceri, a married working mum of 2, and whilst I don't have one thousand coats as the name of my blog might suggest, I have a rather large wardrobe and as I approach my (ahem) late thirties I guess I wanted to share my LOVE of all things fashion and beauty related - perhaps to excess! As my husband once said, 'You must have more than one thousand coats.....?' Yes honey......and??

So I'm going to share with you my musings, my thoughts on beauty and fashion along with the fun of juggling motherhood and family life with the fast pace of my London job.

As the song goes, "life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it" - that I do Ronan, that I do!!!!

Enjoy xxx

#Coatoftheday: 1950s Vintage Llama coat from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair 


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