Recent purchases in the run up to Christmas!

So I seem to be enjoying the 'one for me, one for you' rule as i do my Christmas shopping. Actually more a case of 'one for me.....and i'll owe you!!'. There's just so many lovely things out there at the moment.

So what have I been buying over the last few weeks (weeks not days!! - do i sound believable??)....

Pearl and earl jumpers - so i went for the Star jumper (Its CHRIIIIIIIIISSSSSSTTMAS!)
Its a lovely fit, great for lounging around, wearing over gym uniform or the school run!

Nars turkish delight - my go-to lip gloss, and also a favourite of Kim Kardashian I am told.
I usually use it over the top of Mac Angel (my fave mac lippie) but since I used all of this one up and have a few (read 100+) pink lipsticks to choose from i have been layering this lovely non-sticky lip gloss over anything and everything.

Hourglass ambient light palette - OMG.......yes its bl**dy expensive but having had a play in Space NK, wow does it do wonders and to top it off, it looks soooooo pretty.

ps. If my husband is reading this, I have only pretended to buy this for the sake of this wonderful new blog I am to keep the readers happy (do not, I repeat, do not check my credit card....)

So its these 3 for me, what of the christmas gifts. Its always a busy time of year as its also my son's birthday - he turns 6 on 22nd December and bless him, he still doesn't realise that having a birthday so close to christmas is a bit of a pain!

So what to buy a 6 year old are a few ideas!

Micro scooter (age 6-12) - he has loved the mini micro scooter (god, I wish i had come up with this idea…#makingmillions) but is now too tall - and in the knowledge we aren’t going to get him to ride a bike any time soon (he seems to hate it!), this is the next best thing (praying he doesn’t see a swegway!!)

Lego superheroes Batman Joker Steamroller - he loves lego so much! But doesn’t seem to care whether  the right pieces go together, which hurts my OCD nature, but means there are few tears when a (what seems to be a fundamental) piece goes missing!
(and this my friends was FREE…..well through Tesco’s clubcard boost scheme!)

Imaginext Transforming Batcave - a request from the boy and whilst he may already have the smaller version, this, together with Gotham City and the Joker Factory that the wonderful grandparents are getting him, will provide him with hours of fun over the coming year. I love how it encourages his active imagination!

Other bits and pieces include:

And a stocking filler for all the family…..a fart whistle! 

And for my 3 year old daughter.....if I gifted her the contents of my make up bag of tricks she would be a very happy little girl. Having explained that mummy's taste in make up is f**king expensive and Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon eye pencils are not for drawing all over your face, she will have to put up with a nice little Frozen lip gloss for the timebeing - along with a few other bits and pieces......a bike, a Build a Bear Elsa (its where you Build A Bear....sorry in-joke with the hubbie), happy land plastic tat that she will love, puzzles, chocolate and the obligatory singing Frozen doll on every 3 year old's Christmas list this year!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and may Father Christmas bring a sack full of goodies for you all ;))

#Coatoftheday: instead of a coat, its my home made Christmas jumper ;)) ho ho ho


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